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Trusty Assistant

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Utilize DeepFake to speed up your work

How It Works

Gmail Integration

Just write a message, and we'll convert it into your video message — your face and your voice

Authenticity Guaranteed

Get More Done

Let AI DeepFake handle routine messages while providing that personal touch.



  • 5 Minutes of Video Generation



  • 120 Minutes of Video Generation

  • Unused credits roll over

  • No watermark

  • Custom voice uploads

Embrace the future

Automate Routines

"As a small business owner, Trusty Assistant has been a game-changer. I can now handle three times the customer inquiries." - Michael S.

Sales RepProvide custom case study
Customer SupportAnswer with synpathy
RealtorSay hi to former clients
CPAWalkthrough spreadsheets

Upcoming Features

  • Voice messages

  • AI email smart replies

  • More than one person in the same AI video

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